Fiberglass Shingle Roofing

The fiberglass shingle was introduced in the 1970’s to replace organic shingles that were popular for steep roofing applications. Lighter and with a better fire rating than its organic cousins, fiberglass shingles represent over 80% of the roofing market.

When considering roofing options, remember that only a crew with considerable experience should apply a Fiberglass Shingle Roof, like at Advanced Roofing, because craftsmanship details, such as ventilation, correct nailing and shingle placement, can and will directly affect the durability of the shingles. Manufacturer instructions should be carefully followed by the installer to increase the durability of the shingles.

The major benefits of Fiberglass Shingle roofing include a class A fire rating, walkablity, and good retention of the initial installation color. Pabco roofing products are one of Advanced Roofing’s preferred fiberglass shingle manufacturers.

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